Herding Dogs

My Methods

 I believe that a well trained dog is an invaluable asset and tool on the ranch. My dogs are my partner not an employee to do as I tell it. I ask that my dogs respect me and I show them the respect they deserve because lets face it their job is a lot harder than mine. My training methods are motivation and phrase based. I believe in letting a dog make mistakes in order to learn. I base my training on the dogs natural abilities which allows for low stress stock handling. Low stress stock handling is very important to yield higher quality meat and healthier stock which improves profits. When completing a task with my stock I want to make the experience as low stress as possible on the livestock, dogs and myself (in that order).

Learn More

 On a limited bases I offer training to outside dogs at my ranch in Santa Rosa either through private lessons or boarding. Please contact me for more details. 

Jinx 9/9/17