Parasite Resistant

We are actively breeding only stock that shows a resistance to parasites. We only worm and medicate the animal that is in need, no whole flock worming/medicating. This helps us to keep track of the animals that may not be as parasite resistant as others. 

Low Maintenence

The parasite resistance helps to be low maintenance but we also make sure that our sheep have strong black hooves so trimming isn't as often (normally once or twice a year). We also only breed sheep that shed their hair completely each year.

Friendly and Calm Temperaments

ABB's are often known for their "wild" characteristics which some people love but we prefer a sheep with brains enough to understand that we are their keepers and therefore we are not be feared. Most of our sheep will come running to greet us at the fence but unless you have grain then most likely you wont be able to pet them. This is the type of temperaments we are aiming for. Our rams are always calm and respectful of humans, we will not tolerate a mean ram in our breeding program. Life is too short to deal with mean rams or roosters for that matter.

Non-seasonal Breeding

ABB's should breed anytime of the year.  Over the years somehow this has been lost in some ewes which is why we are trying to make sure we encourage out of season breeding's. Currently about half our flock will cycle out of season. This is an asset to a ranch such as ourselves because we have lambs available year round.

Better Meat

The meat is lean, tender, mild tasting and delicious. Most people that do not like lamb will love ABB meat because its exceptionally lean and mild flavor. ABB's are capable of maintaining this mild tender flavor into their second year of age without getting that mutton flavor.

Hair Breed

We only breed sheep that shed their hair completely. This is a wonderful trait of this breed and we want to make sure it never gets lost like it has in some Dorper breedings.